We just finished a post on 2020 hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s extreme position on third-trimester abortions, and now we’re seeing that the popular candidate with virtually no policy positions on anything is going to go ahead and take the socialist route scouted out by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

People had a fit when President Trump declared a national emergency at the border; even though his predecessors had also declared national emergencies, it seemed like a dangerous overreach of presidential power. Just how much power does the president really have?

President Beto will have the power to “break apart” the concentration of wealth, power, and privilege in America and fully share “opportunity.”

Hey, Beta — Americans already share opportunity, just not outcomes. That’s why some people (some you know very well) have so much wealth. So is breaking up that wealth going to give more opportunity to more people? Let’s take all of, say, Jeff Bezos’ money, and Amazon closes down. How much of an opportunity is he going to be able to provide to people then?

Wow, we’re already so very, very tired of this clown.

That all well and good but could you please chip in five bucks so Beto can fill up the minivan?