In what Democrats called a political stunt, the Senate voted on the Green New Deal Tuesday, which failed 0-57 with 43 Democrats voting “present” and obviously not one voting in favor. Now we’re learning that the Green New Deal isn’t meant to be taken literally — it’s really just for “shock value” to get the ball on climate change legislation rolling.

Funny, then, that the same Senate Democrats who couldn’t even vote in favor of the Green New Deal Tuesday, which has been presented as a series of life-or-death steps to rescue the planet from mankind’s influence, are happily rolling out the Special Committee on the Climate Crisis Wednesday.

The committee will be led by Sen. Brian Schatz, who voted “present” Tuesday. “We’re on offense of climate,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, who also voted “present.”

Schatz says the committee is going to treat climate change “like the planetary emergency that it is.”

Here’s Sen. Martin Heinrich, who voted “present” Tuesday.

And those real solutions you’re going to implement to act on climate now are…? Weren’t they clearly laid out in the Green New Deal?

And here’s Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who also voted “present” on the Green New Deal. Remember how all the Democratic senators running for president in 2020 were tripping over each other to co-sponsor the Green New Deal when it was announced?

So, “anyone who cares about our national security must do whatever they can to combat climate change before it’s too late” — with the exception of voting for the Green New Deal, which was written to combat climate change before it’s too late.