Wow, Joe Biden’s gonna Joe Biden. It looked for a while there that Biden was going to enter the Democratic primary with Stacey Abrams in tow as his running mate — maybe, just maybe, to appeal to progressive Democrats sick of rich old white men running everything — but now Abrams is sending signals that if she were going to run, she’d be running at the top of the ticket. Guess for her it’s a matter of going for it all and then pretending you won.

So now what’s Biden going to do? He really could use someone of color on the ticket with him, especially if he’s going to treat us to woke clunkers like, “As pointed out by one of my African American colleagues I’m the only white boy they let campaign in Alabama.”

At least he’s getting his apologies for being a white man out of the way during his pre-announcement tour, which stopped in New York City on Tuesday night.

Of course he did:

Biden lamented the “white man’s culture” that still persists today and that sought to undermine [Anita] Hill’s credibility when she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee almost 30 years ago. “The hearing she deserved was a hearing where she was respected, where the tone of the questioning was not hostile and insulting, where the fact that she stepped forward was recognized as an act of courage in and of itself,” Biden said. “I wish I could’ve done something.”

“I wish I could have done something,” says the man who oversaw the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Call us misogynists or haters or whatever, but we don’t think Clarence Thomas got the respectful hearing he deserved either. At least Democrats learned their lesson and kept the Brett Kavanaugh hearings low-key.

Speaking of white man’s culture, does it matter at all to Biden that, Thomas, a black man, considered the hearings “a high-tech lynching”?

He knows, and he’s really, really sorry. He’d do something about it if he could.

Oh, he already has. This is just proof he’s going to keep doing it.