Here’s some news from over the weekend that we overlooked, but it’s certainly interesting.

As Twitchy reported March 14, the Southern Poverty Law Center kicked out Morris Dees, who co-founded the organization back in 1971, with little explanation other than he had apparently fallen afoul of the organization’s mission and had to go, but there was muttering among reporters of allegations of racism and sexism, and maybe a little #MeToo sprinkled in.

Just over a week later, the SPLC, which recently reported more than a half-billion in assets, announced that president Richard Cohen would be stepping down.

Yep, it’s like we always say here: you know journalists are lazy or just don’t care when they cite the SPLC as a valid source on hate groups. Of course, liberal politicians like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are quick to promote the SPLC’s own hateful rhetoric, as she did just after Dees had been forced out:

Yes, there they are citing their famous “hate map” again, which recently cost them $3.375 million for sliming Maajid Nawaz in their “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists.”

So the SPLC seems to be crumbling from the top down. Fox News reports:

In a statement, Cohen said the organization will “emerge stronger” after an audit of its practices by Tina Tchen, a Chicago-based attorney and former chief of staff for former first lady Michelle Obama.

“We’re going through a difficult period right now, and I know that we’ll emerge stronger at the end of the process that we’ve launched with Tina Cohen,” the statement said. “Given my long tenure as the SPLC president, however, I do not think I should be involved in that process beyond cooperating with Tina, her team, and the board in any way that may be helpful.”

Paypal came under fire from religious groups after its CEO revealed it works with the SPLC to help identify accounts to ban from its platform. Several groups called for a boycott of the digital payment system because it listed several conservative Christian organizations as “hate groups” or “extremists” because of their religious views.

Republican lawmakers have also questioned the working relationship between the SPLC and the FBI.

Oh, and “an assistant legal director also left over gender and race equity concerns.” The Los Angeles Times reported that about two dozen employees signed a letter raising concerns over “allegations of mistreatment, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and racism.”

Couldn’t happen to a nicer group.