Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have been duking it out in the polls to see who is the Democrats’ most favored candidate in 2020, and now there’s a report that Biden, who caught himself calling himself a candidate over the weekend, might be getting ready to announce not just his campaign but his running mate as well.

The Hill reports:

Citing Democrats familiar with Biden’s plans, CNN reported the possibility on Monday. An aide told the network that naming a running mate early would help Biden keep the focus on the Democratic goal of defeating President Trump in the general election.

CNN noted that Biden stirred speculation last week by meeting with former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D). But the two did not formally discuss the vice presidency during that meeting, two people familiar with the meeting told CNN.

Yeah, and Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch didn’t formally discuss Hillary’s FBI investigation either.

Allahpundit from our sister site HotAir asks some good questions:

Good call. The thing is, Biden is a wealthy old white man running in a party that’s become very hostile toward old white men, and he’d been seen as pushing both women and minorities aside by stepping in and taking over. So yes, it seems likely he’d choose Stacy Abrams, a black woman.

And another thing:

Maybe Biden should take a hint from Ted Cruz, who announced his running mate early as well.

She does carry hot sauce in her purse.

Oh, he’s running, and he’s probably going to take a one-term pledge and announce Stacy Abrams as his running mate … if he can manage to convince her she’s not governor of Georgia.