One thing is certain: if there’s ever a political gathering, the Communist Party USA will crash it. They tried to burn a flag at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and then packed up stakes and headed to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to protest there. If there’s an anti-Trump march, they’ll be there. If there’s a climate change rally, they’ll be there.

But that last one — climate change — really looks like the big fish. Just take a look at all of the progressive pipe dreams jammed into that Green New Deal resolution that have nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with socialism — but it’s all in the name of “climate justice.”

So Alyssa Milano’s tweet about climate change is pretty transparent.

Dang, just a quick look at the background of that poster is like a progressive newspaper hidden-word puzzle: collective liberation, systems of oppression, revolution, indigenous rights, capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, etc.

See, Zero Hour is going after the roots of climate change:

“The grand culmination of all our societal injustices that have been building up for centuries…”

Well, USA Today just explained how air pollution is racist because white people’s pollution is affecting blacks and Hispanics disproportionally.

Better get to work pulling up those roots of the patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, and racism if we want to give the planet another 12 years.