There was a lot of talk on Twitter Wednesday about that new issue of Vanity Fair with Beto O’Rourke on the cover photographed by Annie Leibovitz, from the way O’Rourke seemed to be taking fashion cues from Ronald Reagan to worry about why his dog looked so darned sad in every single photo.

Keen-eyed writer Freddie Campion had a flashback and dug up a great find from the archives:

That’s pretty funny, right? Flavor of the month Democratic politician posing with his dog and his pickup truck, both photographed by the same celebrity photographer.

But wait, it gets better. Crack open that old issue of Men’s Vogue, and what do you find but … the two profiles were also written by the same writer.

Yep, Joe Hagen’s byline in on both pieces, and his writing style and his politics haven’t changed much. Check out how he described John Edwards, but have a barf-bag handy:

The hair, up close, is peppered with tiny strands of blond. Chestnut brown and so finely trimmed, mellifluous, smooth, and feathery, it could almost be a weave, the Platonic ideal as imagined by the Hair Club for Men. Along with the piercing blue eyes, slashing V-shaped smile, and a shimmering burgundy shirt tucked into stonewashed Levi’s resting low on the hips, the hair completes the man: John Edwards, a populist Adonis, a golden god of a Southern Democrat.

He seriously wrote that about John Edwards: “a populist Adonis, a golden god of a Southern Democrat.”

And we thought Hagen’s piece on O’Rourke was nausea-inducing. Let’s hope O’Rourke has the same luck as Edwards did with this boost from Condé Nast.

Yeah, let’s get Hagan in on this lovefest.

Of course … that John Edwards cover was getting really faded.