As Twitchy reported earlier, liberals went into meltdown mode when they read that Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she didn’t think impeaching the president was a good course of action, concluding that “He’s not worth it.”

Now it’s up to other members of the House to either agree or disagree, and surprisingly, Rep. Adam Schiff told CNN he’s with Pelosi on this one, not wishing to pursue a “failed impeachment” without “very graphic evidence.” He’s been pouring cold water on the imminent release of the Robert Mueller report recently, and we really want to know what he knows.

You see, when Schiff warns against pursuing a “failed impeachment” effort over a lack of “very graphic evidence,” what he’s really saying is they have very graphic evidence they’re releasing very soon … get it?

So if you read between the lines, you see that Schiff is playing four-dimensional chess and actually has a ton of very graphic evidence of collusion with Russia … got it.