As Twitchy has reported, Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems to be running on a platform of breaking up the tech giants, i.e., the companies that the U.S. public has voluntarily made No. 1: Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

They’re also private companies, so it’s up to them if they want to reject an advertiser. And something about Elizabeth Warren buying ad space on Facebook to call for the breakup of Facebook is really funny.

Don’t worry; they’re back up and certainly winning Warren votes from people who really wish Facebook was broken up and replaced with a dozen other social media sites.

Gee, why would Elizabeth Warren’s campaign buy ads on such an evil monopoly as Facebook — unless they thought they’d reach the most people that way. Kind of hypocritical. Why didn’t she advertise on a competitor, like … MySpace?

Figures: you-know-who had to get in her two cents:


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