Democrats have circled the wagons around Rep. Ilhan Omar and are excusing her anti-Semitic statements as either ignorance or an attempt to start a discussion on America’s ties to Israel. Some party members did succeed, however, in convincing her to delete her tweet saying Republican efforts to punish her were “All about the Benjamins baby.” In other words, the GOP members of Congress had been bought off by AIPAC.

How do we know she was referring to AIPAC? Because she posted a follow-up tweet reading simply, “AIPAC,” apparently not knowing that AIPAC isn’t a PAC and doesn’t fund campaigns.

Thinks might be a little awkward now for Sen. Chuck Schumer, who has been confirmed as a speaker at AIPAC’s 2019 Policy Conference. Omar already has the unwashed masses picking up pitchforks and torches, and now Schumer’s going to have to deal with it.

Yes, the replies.

There are plenty of reasons to boo Chuck Schumer, but this isn’t one of them.