Twitchy’s already covered Slate’s hot take on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic statements (she’s excused because she’s a little ignorant and probably doesn’t realize what she’s saying could be considered offensive), but it’s the Washington Post that has really stepped up Tuesday:

You’ll notice one of those three headlines falls under the opinion section and was written by Paul Waldman, who considers it “shameful” of Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring to the floor a House resolution denouncing anti-Semitism (and not even mentioning Omar by name).

Sure, her current term as Speaker of the House is only a couple of months old, but her “most shameful decision”?

It’s like she’s acknowledging there’s anti-Semitism in her own party (rather than just ignoring it). Waldman writes:

Now, back to Omar. Here’s the truth: The whole purpose of the Democrats’ resolution is to enforce dual loyalty not among Jews, but among members of Congress, to make sure that criticism of Israel is punished in the most visible way possible. This, of course, includes Omar. As it happens, this punishment of criticism of Israel is exactly what the freshman congresswoman was complaining about, and has on multiple occasions. The fact that no one seems to acknowledge that this is her complaint shows how spectacularly disingenuous Omar’s critics are being.

You may have noticed that almost no one uses “dual loyalty” as a way of questioning whether Jews are loyal to the United States anymore. Why has it almost disappeared as an anti-Semitic slur? Because, over the last three decades, support for Israel has become increasingly associated with conservative evangelicals and the Republican Party.

If support for Israel has become increasingly associated with the Republican Party (which it has, and good for them), why are House Democrats introducing this resolution? To bolster Republican support of Israel? Or because they’re seeing what Waldman refuses to see?

There wouldn’t even be a resolution if Omar hadn’t created the need for it.

So a House resolution denouncing anti-Semitism in general is a bad thing?



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