We’ve had way too many posts today about a superhero movie that’s coming out this weekend; we honestly don’t get how women have adopted “Captain Marvel” as a feminist statement when DC’s “Wonder Woman” — which was a good movie — already featured a female lead. Maybe things were stirred up when star Brie Larson made it a point of making sure her press tour wasn’t dominated by white men.

As Twitchy reported, The Mary Sue flat-out lied in stating that all of the negative reviews of “Captain Marvel” had been written by men — something that could be fact-checked in 10 seconds. But now film journalist and proud blue-check bearer Alyssa Klein is asking media outlets to bench their male critics to make room for female voices.

No doubt it’s a long list (of left-leaning outlets), from The New York Times to Vanity Fair to NPR and Variety — and we’re not going to paste in all 17 tweets calling out the publications who allowed men to review the film; they know who they are.

What can we say? Hollywood and the people who write about Hollywood sure are racist and sexist.

If there’s a movie that’s destined to move the needle forward in terms of representation, we doubt that it’s “Captain Marvel.” Maybe it’ll be great, maybe it’ll be average, maybe it’ll suck — but all the hype seems to be setting the movie up for a backlash. Hey, maybe it will be nominated for Best Picture like “Black Panther.”

Men should probably let women have the opening weekend to themselves so men don’t suck all the female joy out of the theater.

Bridget’s a woman, so we have to respect her opinion. These guys? Not so much:


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This will surely sell some tickets: