It’s hard to believe we’re even still here to write about net neutrality, seeing as its rollback reportedly killed everyone in America. Remember all the tweets about how each Google search was going to cost you $1.99 and how it would have “a devastating impact on progressive organizers, activists, and our right to access vital, accurate information about reproductive health,” i.e., abortion?

Seriously, has anyone noticed anything different about the Internet since the FEC rolled back Obama-era net neutrality rules?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was among the net neutrality doomsayers (and also called the GOP tax cuts “Armageddon”) now says with Democrats back in charge of the House, they’re going to introduce a new net neutrality bill this week and perhaps revive the millions clinging to life since its devastating repeal.

What’s the chance Pelosi’s actually read whatever bill it is they’re going to introduce?