Is this a parody account? We’re still not sure, but it’s not the first tweet we’ve seen attacking the “haters” who aren’t thrilled with the “Captain Marvel” trailers.

This tweet reminds us of a couple of things: the Alamo Drafthouse holding a women-only screening of “Wonder Woman” with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, and the woman who “carefully” didn’t buy an opening-day ticket for “Black Panther” so she wouldn’t be “the white person sucking Black joy out of the theater.”

In short, wokeness and comic book movies don’t really go well together. But now Marvel is getting ready to release “Captain Marvel” starring Brie Larson, who wasn’t about to let the press tour for the movie become “overwhelmingly white and male,” and men have already been warned that their “f**king hot takes” about “Captain Marvel” were not welcome.

So women are pinning their hopes on this movie being some sort of feminist statement?

Seriously, is this a parody account? We checked Mabel’s timeline for hints of satire (the zhe/zher preferred pronouns in the bio make it sound like it), but zher timeline consists entirely of tweets about this movie; zhe says zhe had to reset zher account and delete all zher tweets because of trolls.

In any case, the replies are real.

Way to stir up ticket sales for “Alita: Battle Angel” while tanking those for “Captain Marvel.” We’re sure the producers don’t want men paying to see their movie.

The thing is … “Captain Marvel” is also being dragged for promoting toxic masculinity:

Yeah, it would suck to glamorize patriotism. Then again, Jesse Hawken is Canadian, so …

We wonder if military recruitment has gone up by even single digits because of comic book movies.

What a quandary. Should women see the movie to stick it to the haters, even if it means glamorizing the U.S. military?

Get ready for all the think-pieces that will be published when “Captain Marvel” doesn’t pull in as much money as the other Marvel flicks.