It’s been widely reported that donations to both the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have skyrocketed since November in protest of Donald Trump’s election, so maybe Planned Parenthood was wasting its time all along funneling all that money into Democrat campaigns — with the GOP budget they get to keep their taxpayer funding and rake in protest donations at the same time.

It’s pretty certain the producers of the new “Wonder Woman” movie would really like everyone to see it, particularly after the Internet decided star Gal Gadot’s armpits were the most compelling visual in the previews, but the Alamo Drafthouse in New York has decided it’s just the ticket for a women-only Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

The Drafthouse managed to dodge (deflect?) a bullet that the Women’s March never saw coming with its genital-centered rhetoric.

Between Katy Perry’s kickoff donation following the election and the Nasty Woman T-shirt proceeds and the vagina lollipops and the Trump Sucks lollipops and these movie screenings, why does Planned Parenthood depend on taxpayer funding again? If Cecile Richards needs more cash, her generous chum Katy Perry’s reportedly pulling down $25 million to appear as a judge on the “American Idol” reboot.

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