Before moving on to CNN’s latest embarrassment of an opinion piece, we just have to drag out this gem one more time:

For those who’ve just awakened from a two-year coma, Donald Trump won the election, and his opponents have spent every day since trying to nullify that result, arguing that voting machines were hacked, Trump colluded with Russia to swing the election, Trump lost the popular vote, and on and on and on.

So it’s pretty rich for anyone to be concerned that President Trump might not respect the results of the 2020 election. They’re out there, and there are a lot of them; the seeming end of the Robert Mueller investigation has some frightened that Trump will declare martial law and cancel the 2020 election, the TDS is that strong.

Thanks, CNN … that’s just what the millions suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome needed to hear. More gasoline for that fire?

Joshua A. Geltzer, visiting professor of law at Georgetown Law Center’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, writes:

President Donald Trump’s critics are increasingly focused on the question of which Democrat will challenge him for the presidency in 2020. It’s an important question, but another one might be even more important: Regardless of who runs in 2020, if Trump loses, will he leave the Oval Office peacefully?

Remember, when Trump was merely a private citizen running for President in 2016, he became the first presidential candidate in recent memory to refuse to commit that he’d honor the results of the election if he lost. Now, he occupies the Oval Office. He’s the commander in chief of the most powerful military on Earth. If he even hints at contesting the election result in 2020, as he suggested he might in 2016, he’d be doing so not as an outsider but as a leader with the vast resources of the US government potentially at his disposal.

If he’s not reelected, will he leave peacefully, now that he commands the most powerful military on Earth? Um, yes. Very peacefully. Relax.

It’s funny; the same people reading this dreck simultaneously believe the theory that Trump never really wanted to be president in the first place and is anxious to bow out.

Um, more riots and screaming at the sky and burning cars?

They did try their hardest.

Looks how gracefully Stacey Abrams accepted defeat in 2018 … Georgia Democrats still maintain the election was stolen from her.

Someone’s probably working on an updated “insurance policy” as we write this.

In all seriousness — we need more pieces teaching liberals how to react if Trump wins reelection. Less rioting this time, OK?