We guess we shouldn’t have been surprised that the story of Hoda Muthana has moved to the front of the media’s news cycle, especially now since the Trump administration is the bad guy for not letting a woman who left the United States to join ISIS return home … now it’s news.

One thing you can always count on from The New York Times besides its liberal bias is its impeccable photography and Ivor Prickett did a really nice job of rendering Muthana as some sort of Rennaissance Madonna and Child masterpiece.

In case you missed it, this is the woman who married three members of ISIS and tweeted that jihadists should rent large trucks and target Veterans Day and Memorial Day parades and “spill all of their blood.” But now she’s unhappy in her refugee camp in Syria and wants to return to Alabama to help “deradicalize” other Muslims “brainwashed” into joining ISIS.

As Twitchy reported, it was the Obama administration that informed Muthana’s family that she wasn’t a U.S. citizen.

And the Times knows its readership will side with the ISIS sympathizer over the sitting U.S. president. We think it makes Trump look pretty effective.

“You can look up Obama’s schedule on the White House website. Take down that treacherous tyrant!” Yes, she called for fellow Muslims to assassinate President Obama.

Or maybe a tent in Syria isn’t a nice as the home she had in Alabama, where she was free to tweet death threats.