Look, this is Twitchy, and we’re guessing the last thing our readership wants to see is a video of Barack Obama — but seriously, this one is worth a look. He might have taken the name for his “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance” out of its biblical context, but speaking at an event in Oakland, Calif., he took some contemporary rappers down a peg.

Now we all know Obama was confident in his sexuality or he wouldn’t have been seen biking around in those mom jeans of his, but we’ve got to give him credit here: there are better role models out there than hip-hop is producing.

OK, maybe you do.

Good one. Hey, does anybody else remember the Obama White House using an animated GIF of a woman twerking to promote Obamacare? We do:

The reaction he gets is … mixed, let’s say.

Speaking of old men, what are Joe Biden’s and Bernie Sanders’ official stances on twerking?