The White House, hoping that Obamacare can ride on the coattails of the NCAA basketball tournament, is featuring the GIF-heavy “16 sweetest reasons to #GetCoveredNow”:

Among the 16 “competitors” in the Obamacare “tournament” is this:

Yes, this is actually on the White House website as a reason to #GetCoveredNow:


Who hasn’t that happened to?

This has gone beyond embarrassment.

Another “health care bracketology” competitor is a “birth control is free” happy duck GIF:


The White House doesn’t say who actually gets stuck with the bill for that particular “freebie.”

And those are just two of the 16 “competitors” in “health care bracketology.”

“Baffled” doesn’t even begin to describe the reactions:

It’s the kind of thing that makes us long for the more dignified Obamacare sales approach of “Between Two Ferns.”

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to include additional tweets.