We’ve already done a ton of posts skewering progressives and mainstream media outlets like the Washington Post (sorry to be redundant) who are treating as a national emergency the fact that people are receiving smaller tax refunds this year. Duh … the GOP tax cuts meant people weren’t giving the federal government as big of an interest-free loan than they otherwise would have, so yes, their tax refunds are smaller.

Now the House Ways & Means Committee, chaired by Rep. Richard Neal, is getting in on the act, blaming the GOP for families having their tax refunds “gutted,” — and, get this — in some cases having them owe taxes. Check out how they even put OWING in scare-caps:

Note also that the committee is promoting a piece by the taxpayer-funded NPR, which writes about the widespread “anger and confusion over dwindling refunds.”

You know it and we know it — almost everyone owes the government taxes; if you have a problem with having to write a check on April 15th, tell your human resources department to increase your withholding.

How dumb do they think we are?


This tweet really is so condescending as to be offensive. Lower taxes if you want hard-working American families to owe less to the government. Oh, wait … that’s what the GOP’s bill did.