It would be nice if this story got some coverage, considering there are progressives out there blaming President Trump’s rhetoric for the racist and homophobic “attack” on Jussie Smollett. If it weren’t for Trump, gay men like Smollett could walk the streets safely without being assaulted by homophobic MAGA rednecks.

The administration is responding in part to a young gay man being hanged in Iran. Remember the woman in the hijab at this year’s Women’s March who claimed Iran’s treatment of gays was better than America’s?

The effort will be led by Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, who will reportedly be flying in LGBT activists from across Europe for a strategy dinner to kick things off.

Wow, Vice President Mike Pence must be fuming over this, huh?

Trump is trying to do what now?

Oh, they’re already posting their ulterior motives that we can laugh at later. It’s just a publicity stunt, it’s only targeted at Iran, Pence is secretly against it, Trump’s trying to secure the gay vote, he lets bakers discriminate against same-sex couples in his own country.

Maybe it’s just us, but if Grenell is leading this effort, it’s 100 percent legit.