We’ve noted again and again how progressives like to talk about revolution but always seem to forget they’re the ones who have voluntarily disarmed themselves, leaving themselves with protest marches, sit-ins, and hashtag campaigns as the best tools in their arsenal.

Nation contributor Sean McElwee, whose boldest attempt at revolution so far seems to be to “make it painful” for Republicans to stay Republicans by refusing to invite them for drinks after work until they get their minds right, perked up when he heard that the Green New Deal would require an actual revolution.

Here’s the Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein to explain:

Of course, most of the clowns in Klein’s replies are all-in on the Green New Deal, seeing as it’s going to save the world from becoming uninhabitable to live on in just 12 years. Revolution it is, then.

Yeah, but this is the same guy who celebrated the hit middle-class families took in their pensions and 401(k) accounts when the stock market took a dive because at least rich people lost a lot of money that day. It’s not like he thinks things through.

Real talk:

Like humans have been doing ever since there were humans?