We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: while some reporters were waxing poetically about the diverse skin tones and dress colors of the new freshman class in Congress, we were a little more concerned that democratic socialism and anti-Semitism were creeping into the House chamber. Yes, it’s quite the class.

It seems Rep. Ilhan Omar — who has gone on record supporting the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela, where people are starving and being imprisoned under his rule — would like to bring some of Maduro’s ideas to the United States and turn a rich country into a nation where everyone is equally poor.

And this will pay for … what? Like 20 minutes of Medicare for all? You can’t tax a country into prosperity, but you sure can punish those rich people who create jobs so others can have their chance at the American dream.

Sen. Warren also proposed a wealth tax and was quickly schooled on its constitutionality. But what if the wealthy were just more generous?


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