As Twitchy reported, CNN was kind enough to tee up Sen. Kamala Harris’ 2020 campaign launch with a town hall hosted by Jake Tapper. Harris didn’t receive much pushback when she proposed such things as eliminating private health insurance altogether and banning all semi-automatic weapons.

It’s pretty obvious that conservatives have no use for a President Harris, but some progressives think she has a lot to answer for from her days as a prosecutor and attorney general of California. So let’s enjoy Harris getting hit from the Left for a change.

The Appeal, a nonprofit criminal justice publication, noted that Harris had no interest in criminal justice reform during the Black Lives Matter era.

The Appeal reports:

Despite her claims of sympathy toward “innocent men framed,” Harris seemed to work hard to keep many of them behind bars, or on death row, unacceptable behavior for any prosecutor, in any era. After a man was exonerated by the Innocence Project and had his conviction overturned, Harris challenged his release, after 13 years in prison, claiming that the man had not produced evidence of his innocence fast enough. In another case, where a prosecutor had falsified an interview transcript to add an incriminating confession, Harris tried to argue that because the false confession was not obtained by force, it did not violate the defendant’s constitutional rights. The judge disagreed. In another case, a prosecutor lied to a jury, and a panel of federal judges asked why such prosecutors were not being charged with perjury, threatening to release names if Harris’s office continued to defend them. Harris only backed down when video of the hearing was released and embarrassed her office. When a “bombshell” report revealed a long-running and unconstitutional jailhouse snitch program and prosecutorial coverup, Harris’s office appealed the removal of the Orange County district attorney’s office from a death penalty case.

And here’s some video that Harris might not want circulating as she launches her campaign as a Democrat:

Even Out Magazine finds Harris’ past stance on transgender prisoners problematic:

She opposed sex-change surgeries for incarcerated transgender people? That doesn’t seem very progressive.

We’ll admit we really enjoy seeing some lefties digging into Harris’ past and not liking what they see.

She certainly isn’t the only candidate, even if she’s the only one getting media attention — maybe Scott Adams was right and the media’s already picked her as the nominee. But if she’s going to maintain her image as a hard-Left progressive, some image repair might be in order.