When President Trump first started making rumblings about declaring a national emergency at the border in order to secure funding for a wall without the approval of Congress, a lot of people suggested he be careful; the next time a Democrat was in office, he would almost certainly declare climate change or guns to be a national emergency.

Um, see?

As Twitchy reported earlier, the FBI has concluded its investigation into the Las Vegas mass shooting that killed 58 people and found no motive.

Here’s a stretch, but it certainly wouldn’t be unexpected for a future Democrat president to make that stretch:

First, the March for Our Lives kids have already discredited themselves by ignoring the many, many failings at Parkland discovered over a year-long investigation and choosing instead to target the NRA exclusively. Second, we don’t think President Trump is going to declare guns a national emergency. And third, a lot of legal gun owners have a motive when brandishing a firearm — it’s called self-defense. So what’s the rationale for taking their guns?

Until Rep. Eric Swalwell steps in with his legit nukes and settles the question for good, that is.