As Twitchy reported, the Washington Post ran a piece arguing that the partial government shutdown made people realize how much they depend on government, while what it really proved was how much government workers depend on government.

So it’s funny to hear Democrat Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii, a vocal Trump critic, tweet that he hopes the next president is even more conservative than President Trump has turned out to be.

Yes, let’s make the government your health insurance provider. Medicare for all!

A lot of people in the comments are pining for the days of “no drama” Obama, but we really have to remind them how much the media had to do with that. For example, North Korea was testing nukes all the time during the Obama administration and it didn’t even register except on the seismograph (although President Obama did once send a strongly worded letter to Kim Jong Un).

President Trump, though, sends a stern warning to North Korea and people like the New York Times’ Charles Blow suddenly can’t sleep because they’re scared a nuclear war is imminent.

Why is that?