Assuming President Obama has finished taunting the press with his delicious coconut beverage, he might want to check up on the news. This week alone, Iranian vessels again harassed a U.S. Navy patrol ship, a Russian fighter buzzed a Navy surveillance plane over the Black Sea, and North Korea, by all appearances, conducted another nuclear weapons test.

Japan and China are both monitoring for radiation following that man-made “quake,” which was reportedly twice as powerful as North Korea’s last nuclear test. So, they’re not assuming hydraulic fracking was to blame?

Curiously, the earthquake struck a known nuclear test site in North Korea on a national holiday, Sept. 9 being the anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It’s a good bet he wasn’t watching. But someone let him know.

Speaking of presidents, Russia’s Vladimir Putin sent his best wishes to Kim Jong Un on North Korea’s special day and expressed his desire to “further develop the mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation … of our two countries.”