Wasn’t someone just suggesting that journalists stay off of Twitter? We’d really hate for that to happen because if you’ve ever distrusted the media, reporters’ tweets really let the mask drop and show you just how biased most journalists are.

We always find it funny when a reporter turns to social media in search of stories to fill out a narrative that has everything but the anecdotes to back it up (or you could just fake the interviews and win awards).

Check out this fishing expedition:

Is it just us, or does the #exposechristianschools hashtag suggest an agenda?

Seriously, if you had a great experience, send it to him and see if it makes the print edition.

* * *


Ah, it’s not as nefarious as it sounds …

You do know that hashtags go viral every single day on Twitter, right? You can’t write about all of them. You have to choose.