As Twitchy has reported, there were at least two Ruth Bader Ginsburg movies made in 2018: the documentary “RBG” and the biopic “On the Basis of Sex.” The Academy Award nominations were announced Tuesday, and “RBG” got the nod for Best Documentary.

Not surprisingly, the film was made by CNN (no bias there), so of course the network was anxious to play up the honor.

Ginsburg has been absent from the bench following surgery in December, and Fox News even aired a graphic declaring her dead.

So, let’s hear it: how did the Notorious RBG react to the news? The filmmakers gave her a call to fill her in:

“We reached her on the phone at her home in Washington this morning. She congratulated us and said the nomination was ’eminently well-deserved.’ She sounded strong and cheerful and said she is writing opinions and continuing to stay on top of work,” they relayed.

Wow, what a scoop … especially if Fox News was right and she really is dead.

Just kidding … we hope she recovers fully from surgery and then decides immediately to retire.

Still holding that against her, huh?