Remember on Election Day 2016 when this was considered a conservative estimate?

Well, ABC News chief political analyst and independent Matthew Dowd knows for a fact that every Democrat running will be favored to beat President Donald Trump in 2020.

In this moment of incivility and division? That’s a good way of putting it. Or, as newly seated Rep. Rashida Tlaib put it, “We’re gonna impeach that motherf**ker!” To give Dowd credit, though, he did call for Tlaib to apologize — and got dragged big time by his followers.

We like this tweet because it’s a great reminder that even though Republicans are divided into #MAGA and #NeverTrump camps who will face the ballot box in 2020, Democrats aren’t exactly united either. Do you vote for the “electable” candidate in an environment in which Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was electable?

Nikki Haley?

It’s certainly something for Democrats to ponder … stay with an “electable” choice like Joe Biden (if he chooses to run) or go for a uniter, like, um … well …

Plus he has the Russians standing ready to post memes to Facebook.

When was it again that Democrats played nice with Republicans? When Harry Reid’s friend told him Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in years?

Hear that, Dowd? You’re a GOP hack.