As Twitchy reported Monday, CNN’s Brian Stelter was spending the day fretting over which networks would carry President Trump’s Oval Office speech on the border situation live. And it certainly must have been a disappointment to learn that all of the broadcast networks and CNN were going to give the president airtime; although Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi invited themselves to deliver a Democrat response.

Considering CNN is a “facts first” news outlet, you’d think they’d be reasonably OK with the president getting eight minutes of airtime during prime time, but … now we have social media.

Again, we have to view everything through the media’s lens that Hillary Clinton is actually in the Oval Office running the country.

As Michelle Malkin pointed out Monday night, no one seemed to make a fuss when President Obama requested prime time to talk about the stimulus package or the economy or airstrikes in Iraq or an oil spill or Obamacare.

Imagine if YouTube and Twitter and Facebook had been around during the Obama administration! The president could have just posted all of his addresses online, next to the girl in green lipstick who bathes in cereal.

Um, because he’s president and he has something to say to the nation? Is that so hard?

Like CNN has anything better to fill their airtime with? Get serious and just stop covering Trump if it’s that much of a burden.


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