As Twitchy reported, CNN’s Brian Stelter in particular seemed fretful over which networks would carry President Trump’s Oval Office address on border security live Tuesday night.

Now there’s a #BoycottTrumpsAddress hashtag campaign, and people are calling for the speech to be aired on a delay so journalists can fact-check it as it happens.

Seeing as so many people are freaking out over the president addressing the nation for eight minutes Tuesday night, Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin decided to tally the number of times President Obama was handed airtime during the prime time slot.

Remember when we all gathered around the TV to listen to President Obama speak on Egypt?

Was that the speech where he announced the red line in Syria?

So, can we cool it with the hand-wringing over President Trump giving a speech on the situation at the border? Especially since Chuck and Nancy are demanding equal time to counter Trump’s speech “full of malice”?