Bethany Mandel says it’s starting to feel like a cosmic joke, and she’s right.

In 2017, Mandel wrote a column for The Forward titled, “We Need To Start Befriending Neo Nazis,” and she’s been haunted on Twitter ever since with screenshots of that headline as proof that she’s a Jewish Nazi sympathizer.

On Saturday, she replied to Rob Rousseau’s disgusting tweet that Federalist writer Bre Peyton died at 26 “in a somewhat comical fashion.”

This, of course, compelled liberals to post that screenshot and accuse Mandel of being a Nazi — because she wrote a piece a year ago about how people like Daryl Davis, an African-American, have been able to convince 200 members of the KKK and other white supremacist groups to renounce their views by approaching them, asking questions, and listening.

So, sure, it must have stung a little bit to see a New York Times correspondent praising this provocative piece in Mother Jones:

Sure, when Mother Jones says the same thing a year later, it’s a must-read.

Let’s see what people are saying about Mother Jones suggesting approaching white supremacists with empathy:

The lesson here?