As Twitchy reported Wednesday, Tom Arnold blew the lid off the NRA’s true plan: buy off lawmakers to provide criminals guns so that law-abiding citizens would feel the need to defend themselves with guns, thus selling more guns.

It’s kind of weird how this funnels down. Shannon Watts of Moms Demand tweets something, Tom Arnold tags Dana Loesch (always) in his response, and then … Montel Williams jumps in to back up Arnold?

Williams deleted his tweet, but not before plenty of people (including us) grabbed screenshots.

Which is a good thing, because Williams, for example, has denied calling Loesch a prostitute, despite ample proof that he has:

Yeah, she’s a failed actress who’s working the corner — just what you’d say to a man, too. Anyway, let’s just agree that it’s sad when Williams thinks a Tom Arnold tweet is a good opportunity to jump in with this:

Come on, man.

Us too.