As Twitchy reported, President Trump and Melania Trump made a surprise Christmas-night visit to the troops in Iraq, right around the same time outlets like MSNBC and NBC were running headlines about how Trump was the first president not to pay a Christmas visit to a war zone since 2002.

QZ has updated its story, and reporter Heather Timmons explains what happened: see, the trip had been kept secret from the media, so they apparently had no choice but to run stories about how Trump was just sitting in the Oval Office “watching TV.”

OK, so the reporters didn’t have any information about the trip before they published hit pieces on Trump avoiding the troops at Christmas.

Would someone like to explain to this reporter what a “narrative” is? We can think of plenty of examples recently. If it helps, the narrative is the story you want your audience to come away with, whether or not the facts back it up.

Don’t worry; you can always correct the story later if enough people call you out on it.

“In our defense, White House kept that under wraps,” so we just assumed he wasn’t making a visit a went from there. Great defense.