As Twitchy reported the other day, we should all expect plenty of doom-and-gloom headlines about the limited government shutdown, and John Stossel had already had enough:

Most government remains open, but you’d never know it after glancing at the news:

That tweet would have you believe that NORAD’s Santa tracking was on the chopping block, but The Hill’s own article reports that 1) volunteers run the program, and 2) the Department of Defense has a full year of funding and will not stop operating.

So, if the government can shut down and still track Santa Claus … maybe it’s not Armageddon?

And track Santa. Or, you could let Google do it, since they’re tracking everybody already anyway:

Say what you will about President Trump, but Barack Obama seemed a whole lot more into his government shutdown — those Barry-cades around open-air war memorials went up really quickly.

If even NORAD’s Santa Claus tracker has you making snarky tweets about Trump, you might have TDS: