The Senate took off a little after 3 p.m. Saturday, so it looks like the limited government shutdown will continue at least until December 27.

That’s not so far off, but as Twitchy reported earlier, even Democrat Rep. Steny Hoyer had to correct CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who claimed that government workers would lose their jobs due to shutdown. “Nobody’s going to lose their jobs,” assured Hoyer.

The New York Times’ tweet on Saturday seemed to suggest that government workers wouldn’t be getting paid for their work during the shutdown.

It’s certainly an inconvenience, but no one’s being forced to work for free.

Well then maybe the tweet should have been more clear — they do have a lot of writers on staff, right?

That wasn’t the only tweet from the New York Times on the shutdown, and they’ll be plenty more playing up the doom-and-gloom angle.

Again with the “unpaid agents.” But what about those closed trails? Is this like when the Barry-cades went up around the war memorials?

John Stossel is not impressed.

But it will provide plenty of fodder for human interest stories for those affected.