Remember when both Twitter and White House correspondent April Ryan jumped all over White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for allegedly posting a stock photo of a pecan pie and claiming she’d baked it? (America’s “Queen of Nice” Rosie O’Donnell even called her “a ‘f**king pie baking lying sack of s**t.”)

Well, let’s see if former presidential candidate Evan McMullin is accused of using a stock photo of an apple pie for this gem:

Say what you will about Donald Trump — and there’s a lot to say — but we also could have had a president who actually types, “Made in accordance with baking law” and hits Tweet.

Wait, he’s not done. Imagine the worst line of dialogue in the very worst Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever, and then read this in his voice:

Any chance he made this pie right after a big tray of pot brownies?


GAME OVER! Evan McMullin drops the MOTHER of ALL hot takes on OIG report (this CANNOT be topped)