As Twitchy reported earlier, the United States had been added by Reporters Without Borders to a list of the world’s five deadliest countries for journalists, primarily because of the shooting deaths of five people at the Capital Gazette this summer.

That addition came just a week after Christiane Amanpour had tweeted, “We are all Jamal Khashoggi” as well as “We are all the guardians,” referring to TIME magazine’s selection of journalists as its “Person of the Year,” calling them “the guardians” and lamenting “the war on truth.”

So it’s already been a big year for journalists celebrating themselves, and it’s going to continue literally into 2019, as the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square will be “a celebration of journalism.” Too bad Anderson Cooper won’t have his sidekick Kathy Griffin there to share the honor.

Remember that time Don Lemon hopped in CNN’s “Blizzardmobile” to report live from the streets of New York through inches of snow? That was brave, man.

The Onion does some pretty fine reporting as satire and real life blur.

Why do you think they bring Hollywood celebs to their big “Nerd Prom” each year?

Someone should warn Sarah Jeong that there will be a lot of white people there.


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