Like we said, we knew the moment the Washington Post put out a tweet saying that a 7-year-old had died while in Border Patrol custody that the hot takes would be coming in fast and thick. Never mind that anyone who actually clicked the link in the tweet and read the story realized that the U.S. did everything it could to save the girl, who was deathly ill by the time the Border Patrol found her in the desert.

We missed this take from a couple of days ago by Representative-elect Rashida Tlaib, and we’re kind of glad we did because that’s two days we were able to live without being as outraged as we are now. How cloying is this, not to mention deceptive?

“You died while my country imprisoned you?” She died of cardiac arrest in a hospital in El Paso, with her father by her side, where she was airlifted for emergency treatment.

“The adults in our country failed you?” Tell that to the doctors and nurses who tried desperately to save her life. Or the helicopter pilot. Or even the agents who brought her in out of the desert. Maybe her father failed her when he informed Border Patrol agents that he and his daughter had no health problems.

Yep. The family has retained attorneys and the father’s story has morphed a little bit.

Yep, and Jim Carrey has already blamed her death on “medical neglect” and “Trump’s sadism.”

So she was imprisoned when she died. That’s the lesson here.

And Ocasio-Cortez eagerly retweeted the lie that the girl died alone in a holding cell — a complete fabrication. Because the new breed of young Democrats will seize any opportunity to prove what a horrible country this is.

But Jakelin’s her daughter forever. To exploit for political purposes whenever it suits her.