Maybe we’re just being petty, but we’re still wanting to hear from Hillary Clinton’s IT guy Bryan Pagliano, who eventually stopped pleading the Fifth and just started ignoring congressional subpoenas altogether, as well as Paul Combetta, the guy who — oops! — ran BleachBit on Hillary’s server after it had been subpoenaed.

Yes, we’d really like to hear about those missing emails, and now we’re also curious about some 19,000 texts between the FBI’s Paul Strzok and Lisa Page that the Office of the Inspector General recovered and President Trump tweeted about Saturday:

The Federalist reported earlier this week that the Department of Justice destroyed the missing texts before the inspector general could review them.

Bre Payton reports:

The Department of Justice wiped text messages between former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strozk from their cell phones before the Office of the Inspector General could review them, a new report from the DOJ watchdog reveals.

The 11-page report reveals that almost a month after Strzok was removed from Mueller’s team, his government-issued iPhone was wiped clean and restored to factory settings by another individual working in Mueller’s office. The special counsel’s Record’s Officer told investigators that “she determined it did not contain records that needed to be retained.”

The OIG was able to recover more than 19,000 texts between Strozk and Page on their old government-issued Samsung Galaxy S5 devices that had been lost due to the agency’s “collection tool failure.” The OIG did not include the content of these texts in the report.

Hmm …

As Peyton reported, the OIG managed to recover the 19,000 texts, but the DOJ had a perfectly good excuse:

See? Perfectly reasonable.

Shady as hell? You decide.