Nope, no scandal here. It was just last week that the Washington Post editorial board argued that it was time to let Hillary Clinton’s “minor email scandal” go and focus instead on Donald Trump and his fitness to hold office. The House Oversight Committee disagreed, fortunately, and went ahead with a hearing Tuesday during which members of Clinton’s tech team were supposed to testify.

We would have expected Bryan Pagliano, the former State Department staffer who worked on Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and who set up Clinton’s homebrew email server, to plead the Fifth (again), but he didn’t have the opportunity since he didn’t show, despite having been subpoenaed to appear. Chaffetz said that Pagliano would face (unspecified) consequences for “thumbing his nose at Congress.”

Wow: ignoring a Congressional subpoena? Pagliano really doesn’t want to talk.

Neither did Platte River Networks technicians Paul Combetta and Bill Thornton. Combetta, who has been granted immunity from prosecution, is apparently the technician who had that “oh sh*t!” moment recounted in the FBI’s interview notes and deleted Clinton’s email archive — and then obliterated it with BleachBit — despite a protection order from Congress.

Nothing suspicious there. The only person who did feel chatty was Justin Cooper, the former White House aide to President Bill Clinton and employee of the Clinton Foundation who purchased Hillary Clinton’s first email server and registered the domain. Cooper admitted that, no, he had no security clearance at the time he was performing IT work on the Clinton server, which had more than 2,000 classified documents on it.

Not only didn’t Cooper have security clearance; he also testified that he wasn’t an expert in communications security either.

So much for Clinton’s claim that she always took security seriously, even if she couldn’t recall that (C) stood for confidential.

Excerpts of the hearing have been posted to YouTube, but if nothing else, watch Rep. Jim Jordan declare, “No regular American can get away with the kind of behavior Secretary Clinton gets away with.”