Chad Felix Greene is a Twitchy favorite because his tweets are great. He’s a married gay man and his tweets are great. And today he published a great article at The Federalist about how coming out as a conservative was everything he’d heard about of coming out as a gay man.

We’re not anti-gay — that is, unless you think the government not being able to compel you to design a gay wedding cake against your beliefs is anti-gay. And there are a lot of people who believe that.

Anyway, Greene’s piece is well worth a read:

Greene writes:

Today I look out across the turbulent sea of political discourse and ask, “Why would anyone choose to be a conservative?” To be a conservative means to openly invite others’ hatred into your life and to lose your humanity in the eyes of strangers who view you exclusively through stereotypes and prejudices.

To be a conservative means to be forced to choose when to speak and when to remain silent, since offending someone on the left, even mildly or by accident, is a social battle you may not be able to win. To be a conservative means carefully regulating your speech and constructing opinions in such a way as to avoid being banned from the public square. To be a conservative means to be a marginalized voice, suppressed and dehumanized; bullied into hesitating to speak out.

Plenty of Greene’s critics are accusing him of being a snowflake — but note that The Federalist used a photo of “alt-right white supremacist” Ben Shapiro alongside his piece, and remember that DePaul University not only canceled Shapiro’s speech but sent out security guards to ensure that he didn’t even set foot on campus for fear his ideas might reach the students protected within its boundaries.

In any case, Greene’s piece certainly touched a nerve:

Yes, that’s the SPLC’s deputy legal director for the “LGBT Rights & Special Litigation Project.” And we all know the SPLC is straight down the middle when it comes to politics.

Dinielli walked that “snowflake” tweet back a bit. Good thing Greene’s rights as a gay man are in the good hands of people like David Dinielli.

That’s sweet.

No, it’s absolutely hateful, implying that having testicles suggests that a person is necessarily male. Reported.

Lower taxes, smaller government — regardless of whatever the GOP’s doing from day to day.

The fault is with conservatives for not seeing the beauty in, say, late-term abortion.

Um, Greene is married. Try again.


If you’re drawing flak, you’re over the target.