Yesterday, Twitchy reported that Ben Shapiro was banned from speaking at a conference on campus tolerance at DePaul University. As stated, Shapiro did indeed attempt to speak even though they had banned him.

In response, DePaul brought out five big tough members of their security team to stop Ben Shapiro, from speaking about “tolerance”.

Yes, they brought out GUARDS to stop quote, “a 5’9″ Jewish guy” from speaking.

Because we all know how dangerous Ben Shapiro really is … secretly he’s this ninja who travels across the country fighting bad guys and then stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. No wait, that’s another story.

So scared that he would speak they brought out their SECURITY GUARDS.

Check out the video of Shapiro talking to a somewhat uncomfortable guard.

Add to that, they didn’t just stop him from speaking, they stopped him from entering the campus. Period.

Apparently speaking about freedom is a disturbance at DePaul.

Who knew?