As Twitchy reported, Jewish journalist Laura Loomer has handcuffed herself to Twitter headquarters to protest her permanent ban from the platform while anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan remain free to post videos comparing Jews to termites.

As we’ve said before, we like to keep our distance from Loomer, because she says some questionable stuff: when she lost her coveted blue checkmark on Twitter last November, she literally compared it to the Holocaust, saying Twitter was trying to “eradicate her presence — just like Hitler.”

Again, that was over losing her blue check. So while plenty are tired of Twitter seeming targeting conservatives for suspensions and bannings, not everyone is feeling that yellow star she’s chosen to wear as part of her protest.

Well, Loomer thought it was a good idea:

Loomer never should have been banned for her tweet linking newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to Sharia law and the threat it poses to Jews and the LGBT community. But no, it’s not the Holocaust.


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