We’ve taken a lot of well-deserved shots at self-proclaimed journalist Laura Loomer on this site, and we’re certainly not fans of her work. But we’re also not fans of the inexplicable method by which Twitter decides to ban people.

As Twitchy reported, Loomer lost her coveted blue check a year ago and claimed Twitter was “trying to eradicate my presence. Just like Hitler” — which was way over the top, but that’s Loomer.

So for all the things Loomer has said on Twitter, this is the tweet that got her account suspended for hateful conduct: a criticism of Twitter for including newly elected Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in its Twitter Moment celebrating “women, LGBTQ, and minorities.”

We even bristle at all the people who call Loomer “conservative” or “right-wing” — she’s much further out there where reality is concerned — but it really looks like criticism on Sharia law is off-limits. Maybe this is a case like Milo Yianopoulos’ where Twitter just decided it had had enough and finally made the call.

* * *


We have no doubt this is Laura Loomer tweeting through a backup account: