As Twitchy reported, the media went nuts after first lady Melania Trump posted a video and some photos of the White House Christmas decorations: what was up with that hallway of red trees?

Slate asked what message the first lady was trying to send with her “red Christmas trees of death,” while the Washington Post called them “spooky” and alleged that the very sight of them induced “flashbacks to phantasmal nightmares from our shared cultural memory.”

On Wednesday, the first lady sat down with Eric Bolling at Liberty University for a town hall on opioid abuse, and the conversation momentarily turned to the trees, which Mrs. Trump says look fantastic up close.

She then invited everyone over to the people’s house to see the decorations in person, to cheers from the audience.

This is Reuters’ Twitter feed, so of course 99 percent of the comments are negative, but we managed to extract some positivity:

We’re still not sold on the trees, but the media’s reaction has just been embarrassing. Let’s see how much coverage they give the opioid town hall.