We’ve already done a couple of posts on the White House Christmas decorations tweeted from Melania Trump’s official @FLOTUS account, such as Slate’s questioning the secret message behind “her red Christmas trees of death.”

Now the Washington Post is (finally) getting in on the act, publishing its own piece on the trees and how they have induced flashbacks to phantasmal nightmares.

Like Pat Sajack said earlier: If she were married to someone the media approved of, her decorations would be on the covers of Vanity Fair and Vogue, with articles like, “How to decorate your own home like the White House this year.”

Maybe that’s what Max Boot was crying about Monday night on TV; the red trees had induced a horrifying flashback to when he was a conservative.

Well, it’s the first time the red was extracted by actual Nazis from the blood of migrant children seeking asylum.

See, we weren’t kidding.

The only horror missing from those trees are those Playmobil sets underneath featuring the sociopathic cops with their weapons of torture.

It almost makes you miss the days when Chimpy McBushHitler would post those cute “Barney Cam” videos of his dog running around the White House at Christmas. At least those didn’t tap into our collective nightmares like Trump’s trees.

* * *


The Washington Post gave the story another tweet, and they’re still on about the “spooky” red trees:

Just in case anyone cares, the red trees are just one hallway and to be honest, we’re really not feeling them; but the place looks fantastic overall: