As Twitchy reported last spring, a school district in Pennsylvania had decided to equip classrooms with 5-gallon buckets of river rocks for students to throw at any violent intruder who made through the door.

The idea was met with ridicule at the time, but Oakland University in Michigan has upped the ante, and the faculty union has distributed (branded) hockey pucks to its 800 members and hopes to arm an additional 1,700 students with hockey pucks to throw at a gunman.

WDIV reports:

According to [OU Police Chief Mark] Gordon, to fight effectively, faculty and students need to be prepared to throw objects that are heavy and will cause a distraction.

Hockey pucks provide the ability to be carried in briefcases or backpacks, are not considered a weapon, and will meet the goal of distracting the shooter, according to Gordon.

Just wait until a hockey game breaks out and people really get hurt.

As ridiculous as the idea of arming professors with hockey pucks seems, WDIV reports that the branded hockey pucks are also being sold as a fundraiser to equip classroom doors with locks that can be used without leaving the room in the event of an emergency.

But it is pretty funny.