Meet Dr. David Helsel, the superintendent of the Blue Mountain School District in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Dr. Helsel is being mocked right now for testifying at a recent hearing that as a last resort — meaning, a school shooter gets through every other security measure at the school — he’s instructed students and teachers to defend themselves with rocks that are stationed in each classroom at his schools:

BuzzFeed wrote it up and as they say, the rest was history:

We’re already teaching kids to defend themselves in classrooms during lockdown/code red drills … this just adds a weapon to the arsenal, so to speak:

But for some reason, the idea of children trained to defend themselves and not act like sheep is something to be mocked:

For the parents out there: Has your school superintendent secured every classroom like Dr. Helsel? If not, maybe lay off for a bit. From BuzzFeed:

“Every door [to the classroom] has a device installed that secures the door shut,” he said. “It makes it darn near impossible to gain access. Our staff is then trained to barricade the door.”

However, if all else fails, and the shooter attempts to or successfully enters the classroom, the teacher and students will have the rocks to defend themselves.

So if a school shooter gets passed the locked door and everything else, he’s met by 25 kids and a teacher going “Lord of the Flies” on him? What’s wrong with that as a last resort?